Council Fishing Trip

On Friday, August 2nd, Captain Frank Marham and 23 Knights and family members pulled away from the dock at Colonial Beach at 9:00 AM for 4 hours of bottom fishing. Knights, spouses, children and grandchildren enjoyed a beautiful, warm summer day with a gentle breeze as the Big Dipper moved from spot to spot looking for the best fishing spots. Spot, croaker, perch, and catfish were abundant and every fisherman experienced the thrill of reeling them in. Brother Paul Scott supplied snacks and refreshments. A number of fishermen enjoyed lunch afterwards at Fat Freda's in "downtown" Colonial Beach.

Brother Jerry Nini and two grandchildren brought home 30 perch and spots, 15 croakers and 1 blue catfish that was still alive and now resides in his pond. In 3 hours, he cleaned them all. Brother Jerry did not report how long it took him to polish them all off!

If you have not joined us on the annual fishing trip before, try to take a day off to enjoy a relaxing time out on the water. Get away from work and spend some quality time with family and friends. A number of the guests on the Big Dipper do not fish at all but just come along for the trip and company! If you are concerned about queasiness on the water, no one has ever gotten sick on our trips on the Potomac River since the swells are usually very mild.

So put in now for vacation Friday, August 1st, 2014.