A Knight A Day Program

The Council has instituted a visitation program for our brother Knights who are:

  1. Hospitalized
  2. In nursing homes
  3. Shut-ins at home

The program is called "A Knight A Day".

Here is how the program program works:

1.  Members are asked to pick one day out of the month (for example, the first Tuesday of the month) as their regular visitation day.    Members can choose a previously selected day and make a joint visit with another brother Knight. 

2.  Each month, when their regular visitation day comes around, members are asked to visit a brother Knight who is hospitalized, in a nursing home, or a shut-in at home.  Calling ahead is recommended to make sure that the brother Knight is still there, as some bounce back between the hospital and nursing home or home.

3.  If the member is willing and able, he could visit more than one brother Knight on his day to visit.  For example, when more than one brother Knight is in the same hospital or nursing home at the same time, a combined visit could be made.  If a visit is not possible on the selected day, members could give the brother Knight(s) a phone call or visit on another day.  When you make a visit, let ______________ know  xxx@xxx.net or Phone #) so that we can make sure no one gets overlooked.

4.  Click here for the names of the brother Knights who currently need visitations.  In addition, when the Council issues email messages that a brother Knight is ill at home, has been admitted to the hospital or a nursing home, that will serve as the member's cue to make a visit on his selected day.  Again, call ahead to make sure the brother Knight is able to have visitors.

While it would be great if members could visit on their selected day every month, there will be times and circumstances when a visit will not be possible.  However, any number of visits during a given month is far more than some brother Knights are receiving now. 

Keep in mind that some of us will be in the same position some day.  It would be nice to know that our brother Knights are exercising the principle of Fraternity on our behalf in our time of need.

If you have any questions about the program, please email or call ______________ at X@X.net or XXX-XXX-XXXX .