What does it mean to be pro-life? It is not just about preventing abortions, but awakening individuals in our society to the gift of life which God has given us. It is about loving our neighbors, born and unborn and respecting life in all its stages.

Our Council is proud to say that after a year, we were able to submit two checks to the Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center towards the purchase of a new Ultrasound machine. One check is from our Council and another matching fund contribution comes from our Supreme Council.

This would not be possible without the generous contribution from Fr. Widmer Council which was made in loving memory of Christine Ann Stamborski - an ardent defender of life.

The work we do in pro-life ministries is far reaching. When a woman sees the heart-beat of her unborn child displayed on the ultrasound monitor and decides to keep that child - it is because of the good work of our Council, the Supreme Council and our area Councils, .