Anyone Can Serve the community, because we all have something to give.

Wherever we live, the concrete reality of the world around us shapes our sense of “community.” It is the place we call home — with all its strengths and weaknesses. Each of us has a voice in shaping our world. We can make our voices heard and our impact felt.View Video

Our communities offer limitless opportunities for positive action. Our Council looks for something that’s needed and workable in the community and designs a program to address that need. Perhaps it is fighting poverty, aiding individuals with intellectual disabilities, planting trees, sponsoring a blood pressure screening or a blood drive, supporting law enforcement, helping the aged, or other activities. By studying the needs of the community, determining what our members are interested in and what our council’s resources allow, our council can make a difference. All it takes is to get involved!

Our first principle is charity, finding ways to help those in need in our communities is a mission our members embrace. Through our works, whether it be bringing food to the hungry, warm coats to the cold, wheelchairs to those who can’t walk, or any of the many other programs conducted to help those in need, the Knights of Columbus and our Council practices a charity that evangelizes.

Craft Fair. This year we sponsored a craft fair to allow local vendors and some of our Parishiners to share their products with our community. It was a success and we will look forward to next year

The Council supports Blood Drives several times a year to help the community. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 44,000 blood donations are needed every day. Generally the location of the Bloodmobile bus is in the St. Mary Parking Lot.


Annual Yard Sale. Yearly we ask for gently-used items that are in good and working condition including: Major appliances, furniture, kitchen items, clothes, coats, shoes, TV's, computers and other electronic items, books, toys, lawn mowers, tillers, snow blowers, and anything else you may want to donate. We also accept monetary donations.

The items are dropped the items off at the Council home on Harrison Road or we arrange for a pick up at your location on Saturday mornings starting in August. Please help us support the church and the community by helping the Knights of Columbus with your generous donations each year.

Thanksgiving Baskets. We provide Thanksgiving baskets to help to share God's bounty with those in need within our community.

KOVAR. 40 years and still going strong. A Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity established in 1971 to provide financial assistance through grants and home loans to tax exempt organizations providing training and assistance to citizens with intellectual disabilities. Annual;ly, our council collects and average of $7,000.00 for this fund.

It is easy to say that "someone" needs to make a difference in our community. The world needs more people that will look inside of themselves and see that they care enough to make that difference. Are you that person?

If so, there is a place for you in the Knights of Columbus. However, more importantly, there is a need for you in the community for your time and talent.