Keep Christ in Christmas Program


As creeping secularization chips away at the religious significance of Christmas, the tradition of honoring the birth of Jesus by saying or displaying the word “Christmas” is being pushed from the public square. The battle for Christmas is not new to the Knights of Columbus, which has publicly promoted the true meaning of Christmas for more than 30 years through its multi-faceted “Keep Christ in Christmas” program.

Cards for Christ

Our Christmas card program involves more than just a holiday greeting signed and folded inside of an envelope. On the contrary, it is both a way to evangelize and to promote unity among Christians. The idea of selling religious Christmas cards came about when there was a realization that faith-filled greeting cards were becoming more and more scarce. Over time, traditional scenes of the nativity and the Holy Family were being replaced with Santa Claus, Christmas trees and other images that minimized or displaced the real meaning of the season. Remember all the cards we used to get as a kid growing up, especially the religious cards — the different scenes of Bethlehem and angels and seeing cards with ‘Silent Night really inspires us.

Our Council has seen quite a demand for the cards. Normally the cards are sold before and after Mass on identified times and days. The proceeds from the card sales are used to support our community and church services.

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